Grand Chase Hack

Grand Chase Hack

 Grand Chase Hack

This tool is strictly prohibited on PVP with other team mates. Let me remind you that if you use one of the feature, any of your team mates on the current pvp room will see that you are using something not right in the game perse.

The following are the only allowed times to use the tool.

  • Practice Mode
  • Solo Dungeon Mode
  • Guild/Friends Dungeon Mode (Trusted Only)
  • Survival Mode (Do not use Main 3 buffs on PVP, the other features can be used on pvp)
  • Guild/Friends PVP Mode (Trusted Only)

The following are the steps to follow :

  1. Extract the files on to your grand chase directory folder. For example (C:GamesLevelupgamesGrandChase)
  2. Click the “Courtesy” link or follow the arrow that you would see on GCT2013
  3. Click DOWNLOAD, an page will open at your favorite browser
  4. On the top right, click SKIP AD
  5. The file named as gct.bin will be downloaded, extract it to your grand chase folder along with the downloaded files. (If you downloaded many times you may rename the file to its original filename. Example (gct (1).bin -> gct.bin)
  6. If download succeeds, a game start button will appear dramatically
  7. Click “Game Start”, GCT2013 will disappear from your view
  8. Login to Grand Chase
  9. Press Alt + F9
  10. Wait for a “ding” sound. If you heard one then you are authorized
  11. Press Alt + F9 again to activate or deactivate the tool. (Note that there is a messagebox that will appear. You should press “Ok” to that.)

Grand Chase Hack features are the following.

  • Damage Boost – 200% (ATK BUBBLE/ICON will appear)
  • Movement / Dash Boost – 200% (SPEED BUBBLE/ICON will appear)
  • Jump Boost – 200% (JUMP BUBBLE/ICON will appear)

Damage Boost - Boosts your damage up to 200% – Total of 300% Damage (E.G Damage of 15 becomes 45)
Movement / Dash Boost - Boosts your speed up to 200%
Jump Boost - Boosts your jump height up to 200%

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